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Self Service HelpDesk
University of Wisconsin - Stout
QWho is entitled to a UW-Stout e-mail account?

Every current student, applicant, faculty, staff, and alumni member is entitled to an e-mail account.

Faculty and academic staff must be under a current contract to be eligible for a UW-Stout email account; future and/or past contracts do not qualify one for an email account.

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QMandatory Annual Password Change

To change your password for the mandatory password change, visit https://password.uwstout.edu

Please remember that this password will be good for 365 days, at which time you will need to reset it again. However, you may change your password at any time; you do not have to wait until the 365 days have passed.

  • Requirements:
    • Not used as a previous password
    • Not in a dictionary
    • Does not contain three or more consecutive characters from your Display Name. Example: "Stout, James Huff"  cannot use "sto" or "huf" in their password
    • Minimum of 8 characters in length containing a character from at least three of the following four groups
      • English uppercase characters (A - Z)
      • English lowercase characters (a - z)
      • Base 10 digits (0 - 9)
      • Non-alphanumeric (for example: !, $, #, or %)

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    QHow can I change my e-mail password?

    Use the password reset page: https://password.uwstout.edu .



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    QWhat criteria should I use when I change my password?

    Information about passwords can be found at https://password.uwstout.edu


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    QAfter logging in you receive a message stating "Consider Changing your password. Your password will expire in 'XX' days."

    This is an informational message notifying you your password will expire.

    Passwords expire after one year, this message indicates that your password has not been changed in that time. To change your password press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose "Change a password...." For more information about the Mandatory Annual Password Change click here.

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    QWhen is my account created if Iím a new Faculty or Staff member?
    AHuman Resources will request an e-mail account after they enter your information into Datatel.
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    QWhen is my account deleted if I graduate and enroll in Graduate School?
    AYou will be able to access campus resources for 7 years while being enrolled in Graduate School.  Since you graduated from Stout, you will be able to keep your email address indefinitely.
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    QWhat is my username and default password?

    For Students, Faculty, and Staff

    Upon creation you must set a default password for your account. To do so, go to https://password.uwstout.edu and choose "activate new account".  To activate your account you will need your university id number and your date of birth.  You will then be prompted to enter security question to verify your identity should you ever forget your password.  The top of the next page will tell you your username and you will be asked to set your new password.

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    QWhat is the mailbox quota for a particular user?

    Mailbox quotas are as follows: 

    Applicants-25GB, Students-25GB, Alumni-25GB, Faculty/Staff-1GB.

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    QCan I increase my quota?
    AIf a special need arises, quotas may be increased.  But, it is suggested that you use personal folders.
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    QWhen is my account created if Iím an Applicant?
    AYour account is created a few days after you apply for enrollment at UW-Stout.
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    QWhen is my account created if Iím a registered student?
    AYour account will be moved from Applicant status to Student status after registering for class.
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    QWhy doesnít my name appear in the Outlook Email Global List?

    Students who have selected to have their name and address information suppressed from the UW-Stout printed and web directory will also have their email information suppressed from the email global list. To reverse this, email registrar@uwstout.edu and request to have the suppressed option reversed.

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    QI changed my name. How do I change my email username?

    After you have officially changed your name, it is possible to change your email username. ASK5000 does not recommend changing your username while you are actively enrolled in a course as it will result in as much as a 24 hour disruption in your Learn@UW-Stout (D2L) access and could affect your access to other campus systems for that same period. If you do wish to change your username during the semester, or as recommended between semesters, please contact the Registrar's Office, Grad College, or Human Resources(employees).

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    QHow long after graduation will I have a Student Email account?

             Students who graduate from Stout can keep their UW-Stout e-mail address indefinitely

             Students who are academically dismissed are not guaranteed continuation of UW-Stout  e-mail beyond the final day of their last enrolled semester

             Students who are dismissed for disciplinary reasons will not have access to UW-Stout e-mail following dismissal

             Students who leave the University prior to graduation for any reason other than the above-stated dismissals are not guaranteed continuation of UW-Stout  e-mail beyond the final day of their last enrolled semester

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    QHow long will my Faculty or staff email account work after I leave?

             Retiring UW-Stout employees may request continuation of UW-Stout e-mail service during the exit interview process

             Retiring UW-Stout employees who have not requested UW-Stout  e-mail continuation will be deleted on a semi-annual schedule and are not guaranteed continuation beyond the final day of employment

             Dismissed UW-Stout employees will not have access to UW-Stout e-mail following dismissal

             UW-Stout employees leaving employment for any reason other than the above-stated conditions will have their UW-Stout e-mail accounts deleted on a semi-annual schedule and are not guaranteed continuation beyond the final day of employment

             Faculty and academic staff must be under a current contract to be eligible for a UW-Stout email account; future and/or past contracts do not qualify for an email account

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    QShould I reply to an email requesting my username and password?

    Avoid phishing scams by never responding to emails requesting personal information such as email usernames and passwords, birth date or social security numbers. Phishing emails are designed to look as if they have originated from the readerís organization or support department and can often be quite convincing. Telecommunications and Networking (ASK500) will never request personal information in this fashion. No legitimate organization will ever request personal information in this fashion. If you have reason to question the validity of any email, please call ASK5000. Do not click on any links in emails with a questionable source or content. More information can be found at Phishing, a page produced by the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration.

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    QAdding someone else's email mailbox to your exchange email profile in Outlook 2007.

    After the mailbox owner has set permission for access to their mailbox folder(s), the designee can add the mailbox owner's mailbox.

    From the Tools menu, select Account Settings...
    The E-mail Accounts wizard opens.

    1. If necessary, select the E-mail tab

    2. Click CHANGE...Change button
      The Change E-mail Account dialog box appears.

    3. Click MORE SETTINGS...
      The Microsoft Exchange dialog box appears.

    4. Select the Advanced tab

    5. In the Mailboxes section, click ADD...
      The Add Mailbox dialog box appears.

    6. In the Add mailbox text box, type the username of the mailbox owner

    7. Click OK
      The Add Mailbox dialog box closes.

    8. Click OK
      The Microsoft Exchange dialog box closes.

    9. Click NEXT

    10. Click FINISH

    11. To close the Account Settings dialog box, click CLOSE

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    QHow do I set up Mac Mail(Faculty and Staff)
    Setting up Mac Mail for Faculty and Staff
    revised 3/19/2010

    To setup mac mail in Snow Leopard (10.6.x):
    1. Launch Mail
        Select Exchange IMAP

    2.) Select Continue, and enter account information

    3.) Select Continue, and enter account information

    4.)  Select Continue, and your account summery should look like the one below.

    Mac Mail will now work both on and off campus.

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    QWhy does my Hotmail open when I try to get to my student email account?

    If when you try to open your UW-Stout student email (My Mail) another Hotmail or Live mail account opens, please log out of that account, close your browser window, reopen and try again. If another account is suggested at http://mail.my.uwstout.edu/ as shown below, please click the Sign in with a different Windows Live ID link. You should then be able to enter your full UW-Stout email address and log in using the password you established when you activated your Stout account.

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    QRe-configure/verify Outlook settings for the new faculty and staff email system, mail.uwstout.edu

    If possible, do not use the Outlook configuration wizard to set up your Exchange account.

    1. If Outlook is currently running, please close it.

    2. Navigation:

    Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > Mail > click E-mail Accounts button


    Click Start > Control Panel > Mail > click E-mail Accounts button

    3. Click on the account in the Name window then click Change.

    4. In the Server box, verify the server listed is mail.uwstout.edu. Verify Use Cached Exchange mode is selected. In the User Name box, if it is not already entered, type your username. Click More Settings.

    5. Click on the Security tab and ensure the Encryption box is checked.

    6. Click on the Connection tab. Ensure Connect using my Local Area Network (LAN) selected. Select the Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP check box and then click on the Exchange Proxy Settings button.

    7. Set all of the Exchange Proxy settings to those listed in the screen below. Click OK.

    8. Back on the Change Account window, click Check Name. After the system finishes checking for your account, click Next.

    If you are asked to authenticate, type uwstout-mail\username and your UW-Stout password.

    9. Click Finish.

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    QOutlook pst files on mapped network drive (M drive, etc.)

    Although it is possible to specify a mapped network drive or a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path as a storage location for a pst file, network usage is not meant to be a method of storing messages in an enterprise environment. Additionally, the use of a pst file over a network connection may result in a corrupted pst file if the connection degrades or fails and Outlook performance could be affected as well.

    With the move to Office 365, faculty and staff now have access to a 50GB mailbox (the old limit was 1GB). At this time it is recommended that users of pst files import the data from the pst files back into mailbox. Please contact the Technology HelpDesk if you would like to schedule assistance doing so.

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